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Vodost_chna pipe Bryza 110mm/3m
  • Vodost_chna pipe Bryza 110mm/3m

Vodost_chna pipe Bryza 110mm/3m

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Vodost_chna pipe Bryza 110mm/3m

The IDAKHO company specializes in supply of construction materials, first of all roofing; performance of all complex of roofing works, including design, installation, guarantee maintenance. As the roof is the major finishing link of construction on which not only beauty, but also reliable protection of all building depends, in our assortment there is practically all necessary for creation not only a qualitative roof with dormer-windows, drains, but all house: gas-block, heaters, waterproofing.

Wood - a basis of any construction, natural material, unsurpassed on a thermal capacity, ease of processing. Employees of Idaho at own capacities make timber in Kiev from the coniferous breeds prepared in a pure ecological zone only in the winter. Durability and durability of our products is provided to these. It is more preferable to buy timber pine as their cost is cheaper, they it is simpler in processing, are less subject to harmful effects of the environment.

Timber of coniferous breeds of the premium so qualitative that are successfully used for construction of the water and railway transport subject to strong influences of moisture, differences of temperatures, chemical and biological influences. Top-quality, second-grade - are suitable for all joiner's works: production of doors, windows, the built-in furniture, a nastilaniye of floors, creation of the bearing beams. Second-grade timber a pine is suitable for arrangement of ceilings, panels with the subsequent plaster works, roofing an obreshetok.

Length of wood products is presented by meters; width, thickness - millimeters. They are defined usually at 15% - number moisture content. If to buy timber svezheraspilenny, then when drying the sizes are reduced. For increase in protection of wood against moisture, fire, fungi the burning, processing by pitch, coloring by the oil paints, various antiseptics harmless to the person, but pernicious for microscopic mushrooms are recommended, to decay, insects.

The pine board made by us, bar, whetstone, lath thanks to natural resinous substances have high resistance to high humidity, ease of processing. We offer the best timber, the price is lower, than products from deciduous types. To buy the svezheraspilenny pine timber publishing incomparable curative aroma from the producer in Kiev, capital area, and also in Ukraine it is favorable at us. The thought-over logistics provides the minimum transportation costs.

In assortment we make top-quality products of various section, cutting; we carry out cutting under the order. The cost of timber of the second grade is lower.

The board cut is most popular - the product with a width exceeding thickness is more, than twice.
The bar differs in the fact that is not wider, than the doubled thickness.
The lath - also belongs to bars, but is thinner.
Whetstone - the thinnest subspecies of a bar, - is thinner, than 100 mm.

To buy a board cut, a bar, a lath in Kiev at the most favorable price it is possible for cash money or on a clearing settlement.

it is possible to get advice, to make the order. We provide services in performance of measurements and calculations of necessary quantity of timber. We offer to the trading and construction companies special favorable terms of cooperation. Wholesale price is provided to the clients buying timber in volumes, multiple to trucks.

Quality and raw materials
2 and 3 grade, cut, svezheraspilenny, pine timber, (m) 4,5 - 6 long

• The board is cut: 25x100, 25x120, 25x150, 30x100, 30x120, 30x150, 30x200 (mm)
• The bar is wooden construction: 50x100, 50x120, 50x150, 50x200, 100x100, 100x150, 100x200, 150x150 (mm)
• Lath of wooden assembly 25x50, 30x50 (mm)
• Whetstone of wooden 50х50 (mm)

Delivery and payment
• Shipment at own expense from a warehouse Kiev, Promyshlennaya St. 1 (near m of Vydubichi)
• Courier by lorry or crane manipulator
• Cash calculation (hard cash or on a kartka of PB)
• Clearing settlement (with the VAT and without the VAT)

Type:Element of drainage system
Drain element:Connector gutters
Information is up-to-date: 07.12.2018
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Unbelievable price on Vodost_chna pipe Bryza 110mm/3m in Kiev (Ukraine) company AJDAHO,TOV.
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